Acquisition, management and visualization of 3D data

The 3DLab

research group

We focus on human-computer interaction applications

and on visualisation, acquisition and management of 3D data. Human body interaction, development of innovative product design methodologies, novel solutions for diagnostics and surgery planning and systems, emotional design, 3D sensors, augmented and virtual reality, 3D modelling and face analysis using machine learning techniques all belongs to our area of expertise. We leverage on this knowledge to develop medical, security and safety, marketing software applications.  
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Research Activities

3D Face Analysis

Facial morphology study is currently a leading topic for applications regarding security, safety, product design, marketing, and maxillo-facial surgery.

3D Technologies and Tools for Surgery

Reseach and Development of innovative surgical guides and fixtures  solutions

Augmented Reality in Urology

The use of AR in surgery to improves the surgeon’s spatial perception of the surgical field.


Ensuring students are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout their school career is a key priority for teachers.


Innovation and new product development are essential for most companies to sustain future revenue growth…



The 3dLab group covers the demands on education in the following disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas:

Machine Functional Modelling

The subject has the main objective to provide the fundamental skills on tools for product development, that is all the technologies that designers use to design, innovate and industrialize. 

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Engineering Drawing

The basic language of all engineering activities is represented, in the majority of cases, by design processes that involve the engineer in two distinct activities: modeling and communication.

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Biometrics-based solutions in 3D Graphics

The course provide knowledge of 3D tools and methods for data acquisition, modeling, visualization and management of human anatomy to develop intelligent applications in different fields such as medical diagnostics, surgery and security.

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Our team is composed by motivated people able to cover different areas of expertise.


Enrico Vezzetti

Full Professor


Marco Alemanni 

Adjunct Professor


Giansalvo Cirrincione

Associate Professor


Bartolomeo Montrucchio

Associate Professor


Sandro Moos

Associate Professor


Andrea Sanna

Associate Professor


Maria Grazia Violante

Associate Professor


Federica Marcolin

Assistant Professor


Pietro Piazzolla

Assistant Professor


Luca Ulrich

Ph.D. Student


Elena Olivetti

Ph.D. Student


Francesca Nonis

Ph.D. Student


Leonardo Tanzi

Ph.D. Student


Ivonne Castiblanco

Ph.D. Student


Andrea Novaresio

Research Fellow


Sofia Giesen